Title Insurance…

First Priority Title Company Inc. represents three of the top title insurance underwriters in the country. Title insurance protects policy owners against covered financial losses resulting from title defects and hidden risks, such as:

            •          false impersonation of true owner of the property;

            •          forged deeds, releases or wills

            •          undisclosed or missing heirs

            •          instruments executed under invalid or expired power of attorney-in-fact

            •          mistakes in recording legal documents

            •          misinterpretations of wills

            •          deeds by persons of unsound mind

            •          deeds by minors

            •          deeds by persons supposedly single, but in fact married

            •          liens for unpaid estate, inheritance, income or gift taxes

            •          fraud

There are two types of title policies: lenders (loan) title policies required by lenders and paid by borrowers to insure the loan amount; and owner’s title policy optional title coverage for the buyers/borrowers to protect the homeowner's investment.

We proudly represent First American Title Insurance Company.